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  • Drinking and Driving

    Car crashes are the leading cause of death for anyone 15-20 years old. As parents, it is vital that steps be taken to prevent your teens from drinking and driving. Know your teen's plans for the night. Where are they going? With whom are they going? What time will they be back? Who are the drivers? Talk with the parents of the kids they say they will be out with.

    Talk about drugs and alcohol with your teen regularly. It is known that 42% of youths who talk with parents regularly about substance abuse will "just say no". Decide ahead of time on an appropriate curfew.

    For more information go to the MADD website: MADD.

    Just for Teens

    Did you know car crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans 15-20 years old?

    Get smart and learn how to say "no" to drinking and driving. Get started by visiting the SADD website: