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Cadillac Plaza
14351 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78216


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  • Pediatric Services

    Services for patients of KID-DOC Pediatrics
    • Same Day Sick Visits - If you are sick TODAY, you should be seen TODAY.
    • Well Child Check ups - DON'T underestimate the importance for these for young AND old!
    • Sports Physicals - Ready, set, GO!
    • Allergy Tesing/Treatment - Breathe easy, this is a natural right.
    • Behavioral Counseling - They say 'It takes a village to bring up a child'. Our 'village' consists of services that CAN help!
    • ADD/ADHD management - Better 'Focus' is essential to success!
    • Lacation Services - Take it easy. We are here to help with the Newbie!
    • Flu shots/Immunizations - Let's keep everyone healthy.
    • Nebulizers/Training - Nebulizers and Training available.
    • Seatbelt and Car Seat Safety
    • Referrals to EXCELLENT Specialists.
    • Forms, Rx Refills, Referrals - NO FEES for Controlled substance Rx!
    • Electronic Rx! - No more waiting for the script. Sent to your chosen Pharmacy after your visit!
    • Trilingual Staff - English, Spanish, Urdu/Hindi.
    • Teen Zone - Special waiting area and exam rooms for our youth are here! The Teen Zone is a balance between teens wanting to move on to a more mature environment and parents needing to remain with a provider they trust... KID-DOC Pediatrics.