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  • Sports Drinks

    Do "sports drinks" improve performance in sports?

    For most kids, the only time these drinks are needed is for exercise lasting more than an hour. They are simply tastier when thirsty. Water remains to be the best alternative.

    Sports Facts

    • 40 kg athlete needs about 5 ounces of fluids every 20 minutes.
    • 60 kg athlete needs 8 ounces for every 20 minutes.
    • Smaller athletes need 3-6 ounces of fluids 1-2 hours prior to exercise. That increases to 6-12 ounces pre-exercise for larger athletes.
    • After exercise, athletes need to drink 16-24 ounces of fluids for every pound loss during activity- so parents should weigh their athletes before and after practice, especially during hot and humid weather.

    Are Energy Drinks Alright for Kids?

    NO. The official position of the AAP is that there is no place for these in the diet of children and adolescents.

    To read more about sports drinks in the news, visit the following website: